Script for importing a file (just like the droplet)

Hi all,

Searched around a bit but couldn’t find this mentioned, so forgive me if I’ve missed it.

My Places section of my Finder looks like this:

What I’ve done is copy the “Import Droplet” to my Applications folder and then dragged it to my Places (renaming it “Import to DevonThink”). The beauty of this is that, whenever I happen across a file that I want to import into DT, I just drag it across to “Import to DevonThink” and the file is imported into DT. Excellent.

Here’s my question: I’d like to automate this even further. Is there a way that I can use a script or something so that, when I click once on a file on my desktop (for example), I can invoke the scripts menu in the menubar and have that script import the file to DT, just like the droplet?

You might have a look at the script posted in this thread:

Beauty. You’re a legend, mate.

Thanks Christian! :slight_smile:

Hi Christian

For some reason, this script hasn’t been working for me (at least since beta 2). It did initially, but not sure if that was only in beta 1).

I’ve tried playing around with it, even substituting some lines from the import droplet, but no luck.

Am puzzled…