Script for printing DTPO items to a PDF?

I get satisfactory results selecting an item by hand and printing to PDF via the system print dialog. Is this a scriptable process? I poked around in the app dictionary and it wasn’t clear to me, but I’m a bit of an AppleScript novice. Any tips would be appreciated.

What’s the source application and fileTypes you are generating the PDFs from ?

This script might be useful:

That’s brilliant, thank you. I’ve been searching the forums for two days, apparently rather poorly.

This is going to be a huge timesaver for expense reports.

btw – sorry @BLUEFROG – I just noticed your message. This will primarily be notebook pages from Evernote, but could easily extend further. There’s the side effect of generating extra blank pages for pages that comprise a single image embedded in HTML, and I might try to tackle that in AppleScript, as well as combining pages into a single PDF.

I recognize your handle from Ironic Software – thanks for your Mac help over the years.


Thanks for the early morning encouragement. :smiley: