Script Help, Clutter Free Conversion

Hi All,

I need some help creating a smart rule. The goal is to take a URL, execute the Download as Clutter Free Formatted Note script, and move the newly created formatted note.

I’ve tried the attached screenshot, but it hasn’t worked. Thank you!

You haven’t set any criteria. You just have All matches then nothing.

Have you read the Help > Documentation > Automation > Smart Rules section of this URL…?

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For now I’ve been using it as On Demand.

So you’re dragging and dropping bookmarks on this smart rule ?

Yes, or right clicking and applying rules. I added a trigger for On Import, and clipped a URL. The rule ran, I know because I set it to make a sound, but the script for download as clutter free formatted note did not run.

Is anything reported in Window > Log? Script errors in smart rules should report there.

No errors.