Script location showed incorrect disc volume name in file inspector?

Hi, I am quite new to DEVONthink, using version 3.5.1 on macOS Catalina 10.15.6 and loving it so far. As I’m learning and exploring, I noticed something which seemed possibly quirky: after selecting an HTML file in one of my databases, I was looking at the file inspector panel off to the right hand side which includes metadata information such as Name, Aliases, URL, Path etc. Next to the Script pop-up menu was what appeared to be a disc volume icon named “Mojave” then next to Mojave was Applications. I was playing around with it and accidentally selected “Remove” and now I can not get it back. The weird thing is, I do not have any disc volumes on my Mac or mounted to my Mac (at least not that I’m aware of) named “Mojave” so I thought this was unusual. Is there anything to be concerned about? Thank you.

Welcome @oceanthink

We have had a report or two of this but can’t reproduce it at will.

and accidentally selected “Remove”

You selected Remove where?

When I select the Script pop-up menu, there are two options: Select and Remove. I selected Remove when I saw the quirky looking Mojave disc volume icon and indeed it removed it as I can no longer see it.

It’s possible the Inspector’s sections have overlapped as you are referring to the Script controls and the Location section. Can you post a screen capture of this?

I wonder if indeed this is what happened (overlapped) because I had noticed earlier today the quirky Mojave disc volume icon also appeared to the right of the Location section in the file inspector but it too has disappeared after I selected to Remove it from the Script pop-up menu. I should have screen captured it when I first observed it. But, attached is a screen capture of a file in one of my databases showing the Remove option in the Script pop-up menu, I hope this is helpful.

I’m sorry I can’t seem to replicate this. I quit DEVONthink 3 and restarted it, but I can’t repeat it. Is this probably a bug, given the overlap with the Location section I observed? If it would help, I could install a second fresh copy of DEVONthink 3 on another Mac to see if it can be replicated.

Thanks for the diligence. It may be a one-off thing.
Are you using Icon only in the toolbar?


See if the issue recurs in general use.
If so, please set it to Text Only or Icon and Text and see if it recurs again.