Script: Refreshable/Portable merged view of files in mixed formats + direct[almost] editing/addition of source files + dynamically linked to the contents of groups/tags

v1b13 works great, thank you so much! For practical purposes this offers an outliner within Devonthink! :dizzy: :clap:

Another update v1b14:

There is no feature change in this build, but the time to create/refresh the MV file should be reduced by >50% by refactoring and adopting the optimised codings from the MVOutline script.

The script v1b14 (106.1 KB)

I forgot to mention that I had created an Alfred workflow based on @ngan’s script. It uses one of the earlier versions of the script and is a bit more limited in its capabilities, but I intend to update it at some point to include more features. As it is now, it relies on tags for creating the merged view. That is, you can select a tag, and it will created a merged view of that tag. You can also select the sort criteria and order.

It can be downloaded here.

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It would be interesting to hear about your use case for this modification and I suspect that it is associated with the snapshot and the transclusion script? Do you intend to write like Scrivener or IAWriter in DT? I think citation and reference [the flexibility of]format is a tough problem to crack through DT. Scrivener has never intended to make itself scriptable to work with other reference managers’ add-in.

Somedays, I really need to learn(seriously) what KM and Alfred can do! But I guess I am happy with BTT and AppleScript for now - and smart rule is getting more and more versatile.

But DEVONagent is probably my next learning task. Similar to what some other forum members have mentioned, I bought the license for a few years and have never really using it. I feel that the app is a bit confusing - or perhaps I haven’t spend enough time in reading the manual. I am seriously considering to use DT3.5 and DEVONagent to build some sort of investment database for my portfolio …

Another update v1b15 (111.7 KB)

Add one feature: allow the files in the merged view to be sorted by a designated custom meta data field. The script is compatible with the MV files generated by the previous builds.

Choose CMD as the sort key and enter the exact cmd field name. (111.7 KB)

hey there!
thx for this gem!
I installed this and everything works perfect.
unless I want to refresh the MV. then I receive the dialog “This is not a MergeView file”
– any hints what could be wrong here?

thx alot!

ps: I tried w/ V1b14 + V1b15