Script repository

With the advent of the support assistant and return of DEVONacademy, maybe the suggestion raised here by sjk and others for a user-developed script repository needs revisiting?

Actually the in-app extras page is supposed to be the script repository (except for those not meant for the Scripts menu).

Yes…but. I think the idea that was bandied about before was a place where all the scripts in the DT and DA scripting forums could be found. The forum isn’t convenient for finding scripts pertinent to topics.

There’s nothing stopping us from setting up a 3rd-party wiki.

hrm…looks like is available. real :open_mouth: there

Has there been any movement on this?

A script repository is an obviously useful resource. The in-app extras page is nice for featured scripts but it doesn’t address the need for a repository to collect the scripts posted to this forum or available elsewhere online. Plus, I think an organized repository would encourage ordinary users to post requests and skilled scripters to put theirs talents to work.

Let’s make it work!

Seeing as I made the original suggestion in this thread 18 months ago and only two readers have an interest, the idea is dead.

Actually, I rallied my enthusiasm a year ago and registered a domain for this, and started work on it. Then, I wised up:

(no-one is interested) + (pay for it myself) + (a huge amount of work) + (the company isn’t interested) = why bother?

So, I de-hosted the domain and put the registration into the “let expire” pile. Though phpBB forums are lousy for finding things like scripts - it is what it is. The economics don’t support my suggestion.

Your calculus makes sense sense. But from my admittedly newbie perspective, I don’t understand why the company isn’t interested. Perhaps there just aren’t enough DT users interested in scripts to make the undertaking worthwhile.

Scripts are funny things. They’re like aftermarket auto parts. People can buy a supercharger, new headers, Glasspack mufflers, etc. and cherry out their rides (not this import tuner bolt-on garbage :open_mouth: ) and have their cars they way they want. Most people won’t bother. They accept what’s given to them (and complain about things regardless - lol). If the car company builds the supercharger in, great! If not, people will just complain about driving a boring, underpowered car.

I, like korm and some others in here, like to stay up late in the garage, machining and hammering and welding, etc. until we roll our own custom rod out of the garage to cruise the streets on Friday nights. 8) We are the minority. The few, the proud (oh wait, I’m badly mixing metaphors now. LOL) Cheers!


(PS: I’m in an even smaller minority in that I actually make a living out of scripting, and have for over a decade.)

I fully second this. This forum is good for working out scripting but not for users to find scripts: There are already 5000 posts about scripting!

As prove of the above, I don’t know how difficult it would be to maintain such a repository up-to-date because I don’t have an idea of how many scripts are available!

Nevertheless, I have found some great scripts which I often use. But they are few and I surely am missing some that would be useful in my workflow.

I think … pleScripts is a nice service to users.

Nothing new to add

I think that’s a very good idea. As far as I understand, having your collection somewhere like github doesn’t involve any responsibility for the scripts being up-to-date or not.

I am one who would love to have access to them, for sure. :slight_smile:


Sorry to disappoint. It’s not going to happen.

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :exclamation: