Script Request for THL

I noticed a script in ProOffice for OmniFocus.

THL (The Hit List) has been in the top three at the App store,
is out of beta, and is coming out this summer with iPhone and iPad additions plus a private THL cloud.

Many GTD oriented folks have left OmniFocus and also Things
and now have settled on THL. I’m extremely GTD oriented and have found it to be better than any other GTD app.

It would be wonderful if there could be a script
that integrates Devon with THL.
If it’s possible to provide a script,
I’ll be happy to spread the word in THL community.

There has been a script to create reminders in THL for some time now. Look in the Scripts Menu>Reminders>Add as To Do to The Hit List.

Thank you!
Don’t know how I missed that one…