Script Ruler Properties

Is there a way to script ruler properties in RTF and RTFD documents? Starting with something as basic as indenting or moving the left margin of a paragraph?

I haven’t looked at them in a very long time, but you might take a look at ‘Scripts for Dealing with Rich Text Documents’ at … ripts.html

I had already looked on that page for a script to use as a starting point to customize. Something like the Reformat Rich Text Documents script, but it does not include any ruler changes.

Also on that page are Daniel Shockley’s RTF scripts that are way to complex for me. Again I don’t think they make any ruler changes, but only change margins for entire documents or modify document contents using character replacement routines.

I think the short answer may be that ruler properties and document Styles are not scriptable.

The simplest solution for ruler changes could be a custom (Favorite) Style instead of a script. The main difficulty with a Style like that is it removes type color and styles like bold, italics, etc., when applied to existing text. Even if “Include the font as part of the style” is not checked when setting the custom Style up. But at least a font and its size are not effected.

I worked around the same issue by making a document template with the style and ruler settings embedded.