Script: send selected DT items to TaskPaper 3 inbox as links

A JavaScript for Automation version: … mplexpoint

Thank you, Rob.

Very interesting script thank you. I have been holding back on learning javascript for automation until somebody writes a book on it (well it would be my only reason for learning javascript too!). Right now I don’t think I could face jumping in the cold deep end !


The only real semantic differences are that:

  • records introspect (they can list their keys for you),
  • and functions are first class objects (you can pass them as arguments, convert them to strings etc)

Apart from that, built-in map and reduce are certainly a bit quicker to write and less prone to glitch than keeping track of mutating iterators in loops, and the built-in regex and other libraries generally do make things easier.

I like it.

Which editor are you using for JAX? It doesn’t seem that Script Debugger supports it yet.

Thanks for your code and comments. I am going to play around with it a bit.


Since OS X 10.11 it has been possible, from Script Editor, to use the (excellent) JavaScript debugger in Safari. … -CH110-SW1

I switch into Script Editor whenever I want to use that debugger, but I spend most of the time using Github’s (broadly used, actively developed), with the two packages:

  1. (for running .scpt scripts from inside Atom)
  2. (for syntax highlighting etc)

Enjoy experimenting

Will definitely. Thanks for the help.


FWIW I have drafted a JavaScript for Automation binding for Pashua.