Script to backup DT?

I wrote in to tech support regarding the steps required to perform a backup of DT databases. The reply I got was as follows:

---- BEGIN QUOTE ----

Step 1 would be to check that DEVONthink is closed, perhaps issuing a
command to close it if it is open.

Step 2 would be to make a copy of your DEVONthink folder at another
location, as you don’t want to delete your Backup folders in the

Step 3 would be to delete the 3 Backup folders in the database copy.
(Perhaps make an archive of the revised folder?}

Step 4 would be to copy the revised DEVONthink folder (or it’s zipped
archive?) to your iDisk. Issue: Do you want to replace any existing
DT backup in iDisk, or perhaps append a date to the name of the new
one? (If auto-synch between iDisk and your computer is turned on, I
would depend on that to update the remote files while online.)

Step 5 would delete the copy of the DEVONthink database folder (and
also the archive, if that was made), then end the procedure.

---- END QUOTE ----

The reason for deleting some backup folders is to save space for iDisk backup. I’ll also be doing a full backup to DVD and an external hard disk.

The question then is has anyone had any experience in getting the above workflow automated? I’m a complete newcomer to Automator and AppleScript, so any pointers would be appreciated.


The second public beta includes a script to create an optimized, zipped backup archive (see menu Scripts > Export > Backup Archive…) that does not include unnecessary stuff.

I take it you’re referring to the Pro beta? I forgot to mention that I’m using the Personal edition. Any chances of these features being made available for this package?

Yes, I was referring to the public beta (as this board is more or less dedicated to DEVONthink Pro). Scripting of the Personal edition is too limited to create such a simple script for DEVONthink Personal. But scripting the Finder to copy & zip the desired material would be an alternative but that will definitely require more code.