Script to export DTP entries with metadata

Is it possible to export selected entries as RTF or TXT files, that also include the metadata as part of the exported text? Particularly interested in the following metadata: URL, Creation Date, Tags/Comments.

It’s possible but the script has to insert the metadata into the document before exporting (e.g. the script could create a duplicate, insert the metadata, export the duplicate and finally delete it).

Wonderful! Is there a demo script demonstrating how to enter metadata into the text of the duplicated document? Thanks.

Here’s a script inserting the date:

There’s probably a script to insert the URL floating around somewhere too.

Great, thanks. (Still looking for the script with the URL). The demo script you pointed me to inserts the current date; I seek to insert the entry’s metadata, such as its creation date, URL, etc. I tried using DT’s AppleScript dictionary, but was unable to write a script that inserts any of the existing properties. Help anyone? Thanks.

Found two additional interesting threads containing scripts to insert both the date & the URL:


Brilliant. Thanks much.