Script to get email addresses from OCR'd document

I was wondering if there was a way to grab email addresses and pass them along to say, address book? Or at least group them all together. I noticed that I can click on each email address in my DT scanned document and it will open up the mail program, so I am hoping this is possible as well. Thanks.

Could you give an example of “grab email addresses and pass them along”? Grab from what? Automatically? Manually?

I have a word document scanned in via ScanSnap to DT Pro Office. It is basically a mailing list document with email addresses. I wanted to be able to have DT retrieve each email address from this (or any document) for use in the Apple Address Book (or at least consolidate them into a text file for easier processing, etc.).

There’s an interesting little program called Formal Address that is discussed on the Scrivener forum. It’s not quite what you are looking for, I suspect but it might be worth looking at. … 15&t=16445


If you have an OCRd PDF then you might try selecting it, and use Data > Convert > to Plain Text. A new text document will be created; the original PDF will not be harmed.

It might not be the final result you need, but it could give you a starting point.