Script to grab a file in DTPO and send to Mail?

Greeting everyone,

I often find myself needing to email a specific file contained within my database. What I have to do is click once on the file and drag it to a Mail message. Because I have DTPO occupying my entire screen when I use it, this also means I have to move DTPO far enough off-screen in order to still see the file within it and then drag it to my Mail message.

I’m starting to think there must be an easier way. Has anyone written or used a script that will ‘capture’ a DTPO selection and then put it in a blank Mail message?

Or, how do others manage this type of workflow?


I can think of two things: either drag the file or selection onto Mail’s Dock icon instead of a new message window, or use the contextual menu on selected document(s) in DTPO.

Good tip on the contextual menu, Annard. Thanks!

It’s interesting that, with either a .txt or .rft file, the actual text, rather than the file itself, gets copied to a message. I like this quite a bit.

I don´t like the text of my documents in the mail, so I drag the document on the icon.

It´s nice to have both possibillities.