Script to replace duplicates with replicates

After importing my entire work archive, I have a lot of duplicates, because I used to copy reference files from older projects to new projects. Now I’d like to clean this up. The idea would be a script that I can run when I have a file selected; what it would do is to replace all duplicates of the file with a replicate of it.

Does anyone have such a script handy?

– Kai.

You could try Script menu > Data > Dupes to Replicants but I would read this first: … evonthink/

Ah, thanks, just what I was looking for. The Data menu didn’t contain that script but I found it via “Scripts > More Scripts” and had to install it from there. But once I had it, it did the job.

– Kai.

Sorry about that. I had forgotten that was an Extra. Glad it worked for you.