Script to Synchronize All

Hi All,

I am trying to find a script that will essentially do the same thing as the Synchronize All button in the toolbar.

Due to being on a Windows machine at work, I have set up an iMac in the corner with DEVONthink Pro Office running and the server running on it to access and add certain documents from the Windows box. But I also have an iCloud folder that is watched by Hazel and adds any file in that folder to the DTPO Global Inbox. I currently have a Keyboard Maestro macro that every 5 minutes moves the mouse to the Sync all button and syncs it. The reason being is that I’ve found if the iMac is locked the built-in sync (even when set to 1 minutes or 5 minutes) doesn’t sync these documents. Whereas the KM macro does successfully sync, so I am hoping to change this mouse move and click on a script that is run every 5-10 minutes on the iMac. I also have multiple databases, so the regular sync button only syncs the current database.

Thanks for any suggestions or feedback.

The difference is probably that a scheduled sync doesn’t wake up the Mac whereas the macro seems to do this. As synchronizing isn’t scriptable at the moment, the only possibilities are probably to use either GUI scripting or to increase the interval after which the Mac goes to sleep.