Script/URL Scheme to create markdown note with custom template?

Hi, there, I’m a rookie to Apple Script, and I have been using obsidian with apple shortcut through URL scheme. What I would like to know is if there is a way to create a markdown note with a template and as far as I understand, I may start with:

tell application id “DNtp” to create Markdown from…

But I have no idea how to finish this sentence. In the dictionary, it states this command is to create markdown from web source. So is there anyway I can achieve this?

The command import template might be what you’re looking for, commands like create PDF/web document from or create Markdown from are only for clipping web sites.

Thank you, I made a success with the import templatePath command by set the path first. Here’s something else I’d like to ask for help:
How should I use placeholders in apple scripts?

Is it “import templatepath placeholder {%%} to incoming group”?

Which ones do actually want to use? The ones provided by DEVONthink? In this case the placeholders parameter isn’t necessary. Or your own placeholders?