Scripting conversion of Formatted Notes to Web Archive?


I am slowly importing a few Evernote notes here and there. I still use Evernote because it has a great clipper function for Safari, better than DT’s.

Anyway, I don’t like the Formatted Note type, would rather have a Web Archive that can later be converted to PDF. My steps right now are as follows:

  1. Selected a formatted note in the documents list
  2. Select the body of the note
  3. Type command-shift-5
  4. Repeat for all notes.

It seems like this should be scriptable. Maybe someone has already done this? I don’t know much about scripting…


Thanks for the info. That’s pretty annoying. If the DT web clipper was as good as Evernote’s I’d drop it in a second, but I guess I will do this until something changes.


Not knowing what you’re looking for in a web clipper, and being a regular user of both the DEVONthink and Evernote clippers, I’d say the pluses and minuses balance out. It’s not possible to clip PDFs or Webarchives using the Evernote clipper, for example. The experience depends on the source pages that are being clipped, of course, so my subjective assessment is just that - my own pointless conjecture.

What I use the EN clipper for most of the time is the Simplified Article view of a page in Safari. It does a much better job that the Instapaper code of stripping out only what’s truly not relevant. If DT’s clipper had that ability, I’d drop EN for clipping.