scripting synchronization to a syncstore

Let’s suppose I can ssh to another Mac on the Terminal, is there a way to script a synchronization of one or several DTPO databases on the local computer to corresponding syncstores on the remote computer?
Apologies if that has already been discussed


No, there isn’t.

[size=50]Bummer[/size]. Thank you.
As an addendum in order to get scheduled syncs done: Does the remote computer need to be mounted as a drive in the Finder then?

No. It is a zeroconf (Bonjour) connection on your network.

That’s if the other computer is still using the same LAN but what if connected over the internet?

There is no specific support for Direct Connection Syncs over VPN, etc. It’s made for LAN Syncs.

For direct connection syncs yes but the problem I am trying to solve is syncing a DTPO database to a dedicated syncstore over the internet.