Scripting the creation of grous and smart groups

Before I run off and try to make this work, I just wanted to ask if it is possible to use applescript to create a new group with a subgroup inside? Additionally, is it possible to prompt for the name of the folder while the script is executing?

The create location verb can be used to create a group and declare its location in the group hierarchy. This is a normal group.

The title of your posting mentions also smart groups. It is not possible to script the creation or parameters of a smart group - though (probably very painful and daunting) UI scripting might work for that if you have a long long long time to experiment. :open_mouth:

For prompting for names use the standard AppleScript display dialog verb or DEVONthink’s display name editor verb.

The answers to all of this is in DEVONthink’s sdef.

Hi Korm,

Too bad smart groups can’t be scripted. Oh well, back to the drawing board!

It’s possible to create new smart groups via “create record with {}” but not yet possible to define the conditions.