Scripts icon now appears in menu bar all the time

I upgraded to DT Pro 1.1. Now the icon for the scripts menu appears in the menu bar all the time. When DT Pro is open I have two script icons, one in the DT Pro portion of the menubar and the second on the right side of the menu bar where the time, etc. appear. When DT Pro is not open the icon is still there on the right.

I’m thinking that can’t be the way it should operate, is it?

That is the way it should operate. The Scripts menu on the right is the ‘global’ Scripts menu, which isn’t application-specific.

The Scripts menu extra of Mac OS X is automatically launched if you’re installing scripts for this menu extra (see Help > Install Add-ons).

Is this a new feature of DT Pro 1.1? I never saw it on my previous version.

Thanks, I finally found how to turn it off.


It’s an OS X feature, and DEVONthink Pro and other applications can let you do useful things with it. It’s always in my menu bar.

Example: Through that scripts menu, you can capture HTML pages or Web Archives from an open Safari page (actions not provided in the Services menu).

Example: Makes capture of messages or mailboxes from Apple’s Mail to DT Pro available when Mail is frontmost.

Suggestion: Don’t turn it off.