Scripts to allow import to groups, not Inbox

Would it be possible to adapt the ActionImport folder action script, or create new scripts, to allow direct import of files into DT databases and groups rather than simply the Global Inbox? I would like to set up Hazel rules to allow direct filing of docs into DT groups (DTPO in my case) as is possible into the Finder folder structure, but can’t see a way to do this at the moment.

This is quite a problem, as while DT is so much better than the Finder in general, the greater ability to automate the Finder makes me think twice about using it in circumstances where rapid and regular filing of similarly named docs is a priority.

Another alternative would be to have some kind of watching system within DT itself, so that files sent to the Global Inbox are automatically assigned to the correct databases and groups. At the moment the Global Inbox is available for folder action automation, as a folder for it exists in Application Support. Once you’re inside the app the AI feature can be used to do something like this, but still requires manual instruction (unless I have missed something).

Yet another answer would be for the groups and database inboxes to have folders available somewhere, as the Global Inbox does, plus instant translation of changes there into the DT interface rather than having to wait to relaunch to see them.



The script posted in the thread viewtopic.php?f=20&t=10877 should do this.