Scrolling Problems?

I’m having an issue with scrolling in a pdf document of multiple pages with the newest release. I am using the latest version of mountain lion as well as devonthink pro office. My mouse is the apple trackpad. I don’t remember having this problem in earlier versions of devonthink. I am not having this issue with the same document opened in preview.

Could you describe the problem?

I’m running DEVONthink Pro Office on a MacBook Pro under Mountain Lion, and don’t see a scrolling problem with multipage PDFs. Does anyone else have the OP’s issue?

I have a 9 page pdf document with various page sizes throughout. I highlight the file name in the three pane view and attempt to scroll completely through the document. Some pages scroll with the two finger swipe, some pages do not scroll with the two finger swipe. I right click on the file to ‘open in’ preview and do not have this problem. I’m suspecting it is an issue with the pdf viewer in devonthink.


Having pages of different size and orientation in a multipage PDF doesn’t trigger two-finger scrolling problems here. Does the issue show up in all such PDFs, or is it limited to a single case?

It occurs with many multipage PDFs. It’s a bit baffling as to what to try next.

When you encounter this issue, does in-page scrolling with the Up/Down arrow work? Does the Space bar move to the next page?

The in-page scrolling with the Up/Down arrows do work as well as the arrows on the keyboard. The only issue is the two finger scrolling on Apple’s trackpad. Perhaps I should play with the scroll settings in system preferences.

Frequent scrolling issues, but with web pages rather than pdfs.