Scrolls faster backwards than forwards

I capture quite a few HTML selections every day, and found that when selecting large web texts, up to say 10,000 words at a time, it would take forever to select the entire text scrolling from the top of the page and going down.

I got so fed up with this sluggish performance that I tried selecting from the END of the text, i.e. the bottom of the page, then scrolling up. It’s about ten times as fast.

Perhaps there is a reason why backwards selection is so much faster, if so I’d love to know. I’d also love to know why, if it works so snappily backwards, that forwards scrolling can’t be done at the same speed.

Anyone else notice this?



Yes, same here. I’ve made it a practice to jump to the bottom of a page and scroll upwards.

I don’t know why downwards scrolling is so much slower. :slight_smile: