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In DEVONthink Pro Help, a search on “search terms” leads to the heading “Boolean operators.” There I found –

“term1 AND term2: Contains term1 AND term2
term1 BUT term2: Contains term1 AND term2”

What is the distinction between the AND operator and the BUT operator, if they both search the same terms in the same manner?

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AND/BUT are identical. The last one is useful in combination with NOT to create more “natural” queries:

word1 BUT NOT word2

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Excellent. Thank you.


I thought I’d just add this to a similar question.

I notice on Help it states…

  • term1 XOR term2: Contains term1 or term2, but not both

  • term1 EOR term2: Contains term1 or term2, but not both
    So is XOR and EOR identical?

  • term1 OR term2: Contains term1 OR term2
    Does OR include both as well as either?


Yes, they’re identical. The search syntax supports many alternatives, e.g. instead of NOT you can also use - or ! and instead of OR/AND you could use |/& etc.

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