Search 'A' NEAR 'B' brings up all 'A's and all 'B's

When I do a search under Tools, Search such as
Search: Sam NEAR John, I get all the Sam’s and all the John’s, not just the NEAR ones. For somethings that doesn’t matter, but if Sam is pretty common and John quite rare, it takes forever to find Sam NEAR John.
Is there some kind of trick to doing the right search?



I believe that A NEAR B is true if at least one instance of A within 10 words of B exists in the document. There may be other instances of A or B in the document, and all the A’s and B’s will be highlighted, whether NEAR or not. If you haven’t already, could you check your Search results by browsing through them using CTRL-CMD-Right Arrow or CTRL-CMD-Left Arrow to see if there is at least one case of A NEAR B in each found document and post your results again?

Thanks for the reply.
You have answered my question. I can find the A NEAR B, but if it is at the end of a 200 page document with 75 A’s and 200 B’s before there is an A NEAR B, that is an awful lot of highlighting to have to go through, because you can’t see them all at once.

Is there any way to get only the A NEAR B


Not currently. Supposedly it will be part of a future release (from my hazy memory of these forums)