search a selected text

Is there a way to select a text and start a google search with selected text?



Yes. Select text and look under the Services menu for ‘Search With Google’. That will open Safari, displaying the Google search results.

Of course, better yet select text in DT Pro, Control-click on it and search using DEVONagent. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I see the safari option, but I do not use safari (firefox): i was wondering about start a search with google inside devonthink pro.


Lots of people like Firefox, and I can understand why, as it has some attractive features.

But I don’t use Firefox, because it lacks compatibility with many features of OS X, including Services.

The net effect is that Firefox lacks interoperability with many of the procedures in the DEVONtechnologies programs that take advantage of the built-in ‘hooks’ and communication features in Mac OS X.

Until and unless the developers of Firefox improve communications with Mac OS X features such as Services, Firefox will not be able to cooperate with DEVONthink Pro as well as Safari and Webkit-based browsers.