Search Across Multiple Databases

I have been hesitant to move my research into DT until I understand the features more fully, and have a question about searches.

I have a large collection of scanned letters that I am transcribing, and also considerable notes and supplementary information from other sources. Do I need to keep both collections together in one database if I want to search them together? Is it possible to search across multiple databases?

My initial thought was to put everything together, but this will make a very large file. It might be logical to divide this into two db – one for the letters and transcriptions and a second for other research and notes.

Yes, you can search across multiple databases.

But, the see also doesn’t work across multiple databases.
Personally, i think See Also is the best feature for me.

As @windjung says, cross-database search using Tools > Search… works. It is very effective and flexible.

Try it for yourself. Better doing a field test (free) than reading opinions.

You might enjoy Chad Black’s older essays about his DEVONthink workflow for historical document research. Also, consider the brief tutorial in Help > Support Assistant, DEVONthink Help, the manual, and Joe Kissell’s excellent book.

Thanks for your replies korm and windjung.

I’ve followed Chad Black’s workflow for a while (actually, his posts were a big selling point to get be on board DTP) but must have missed the transcription photos. Perfect for my situation.

I think I’ll just jump in and swim a bit.