Search all Databases does not work

I’m using devonthink pro office 2.0.

The search all databases is not working at all. Before performing the search, the search bar’s grayed out text says “All/Database”

However, in practice it only searches the currently selected database and if I’m in my inbox it does not search anything at all.

Any suggestions?

You can’t use the box in the main window to search all databases. “All/Database” means all areas in the currently selected database, as opposed to something like “In Selection/Database.”

If you want to search all (open) databases, open up the Search window (Tools->Search; I have a toolbar shortcut for it).

Actually “All” is identical to the same option in the Search window.

So, to clarify. Is the All/Database in the toolbar search supposed to search all databases or is this only in the standalone search?

The standalone search works with All radio dial clicked.

All/Database does not mean “all databases”, therefore it’s only possible via the Search window. But the “All” setting of this window means “all fields” (Content+Title+URL+Comment+Meta data), not “all databases”.

And how did you create this toolbar shortcut? Thanks for any info.

Customize toolbar. It’s the icon titled “Find” which brings up the Find window.

Seriously, that “customize toolbar” window is awful. Unfortunately those are some of the fugliest icons I’ve come across :frowning:

Shift-Command-F brings up the full Search window (Tools > Search), which is far more robust than the little Find search field in the Toolbar.

@catone: Heheh! this was the very first time I brought up that “customize” window and I went into toolbar overload! I’m now wondering if it’s possible to have a double depth toolbar in order to fit all the toolbar goodies onto it - there are so many to choose from!

@catone: My default toolbar already has the “Find” icon, which is the one that some folks are complaining about (lack of searching depth). I was hoping for an icon that would bring up the Tools > Search menu item as you noted above.

@Bill: Thanks.I’ve used this before and was thinking that somehow CatOne had managed to make it a toolbar item that could easily be clicked.