search and sort documents by tags

looking for an answer about how to use tags.
every document i import in DTPO database have at least 2 tags

i put the 'tags" icon into my favorites column (left of the main window)
then when i click on the tag icon, i can see all the used tags. then i can find a document with one of these tags, but when i select two tags with the command key, it doesn’t show any of the documents which have these two tags…
is it a missing function? is there a way to do that?

i think that using the search window is a waste of time.

Making a multiple tag selection in a standard view (e.g. Three Panes) returns the union of the selected tags (all documents that contain tagA and/or tagB and/or tagC…). The dedicated Tag view returns the intersection of the selected tags (tagA and tagB and tagC…).

Note that making a multiple selection of tags in some views (e.g. Split) only returns the number of tags selected, not the documents that contain those tags.