Search bar for DT and other ideas

I use DT for my law business for all database management and the Kiwi based Xero for accounting :smiley: . I run a MacBook pro 2T as my principal computer and sync the relevant database with my iMac- and, also my wife’s computer in the office who also has a license - across the wifi network. Selected databases also go to my iPad with DTTG.

DT works best for intensive activity if you work mainly in its ecosystem. However, that is not always how I work and I have multiple apps I use often across various desktops.

There are, therefore, three functions I would appreciate.

First. a spotlight or search bar across all desktops like Alfred that enables access to groups by keyword a bit like Alfred or spotlight because groups are the foundation of database organisation and the size of these bars is user friendly. Currently I use an Alfred workflow as a workaround.

Secondly, a keyword group search in the dialogue boxes for notes and clips and the Groups and Tags dialogue box to easily locate the group where new information is to be sent.

Thirdly, the inbox is the general repository in the DT model but is something of a silo. It needs a Hazel type function for sending items to other databases based on rules etc e.g. based on file name. Then I can run auto-classify rules in the new database in the background to improve efficiency of filing.

Some thoughts anyway.

Thank you for the suggestions! All of them are either planned or already in the pipeline.