Search by date

Is it possible to search the db by creation date? I’ve tried phrase and Wildcard, but neither worked.

Ie. All/Wildcards/No Case

No. The only workaround right now is to sort the results by creation date (via View > Sort > …). The columns of search results of v2 will be customizable, e.g. to add the creation date, and then it will be easier to sort results that way.

Will do. Thanks

You can sort the entire db from the History window, e.g. by the “Date Created” column after adding it like Christian mentioned.

I’ve often wanted to constrain searching/viewing documents within date ranges. Even basic stuff, like ignoring documents older than a certain date so it’s easier to focus on newer content.

Take a look at the script named Last Week in Scripts > Smart Group. In cases where you need to look for recently added content, that can be useful.

Thanks for the suggestion, Bill. I haven’t looked at the Smart Group scripts since my last attempt that seemed to trigger some minor database damage years ago.