Search by document type


I couldn’t find an easy way to search for more exotic document types, if the file name does not contain the document extension.

To give an example, I was searching for OmniOutliner 3 files using the search term ‘oo3’. Only the file with the extension in the name showed up. In the ‘Kind’ column the file type is identified correctly, but I cannot specify it in the advanced search.

Any comments appreciated!

Use the Advanced button in the full Search window to do a search by Kind.

There are a limited number of defined kinds, and also one that’s “Other” (not one of the defined kinds).

So an Advanced button setup as
All of the following are true
Kind is Other

will list all items that meet that criterion. Then sort the list by Kind to find, e.g., the OmniOutliner files that meet the criterion.

Thank you Bill! It’s a reasonable way.