Search by item name or filename returning no results DT3b4 [Resolved]

I’m probably overlooking something obvious, but I can’t get a search for a substring of the item name or filename to work in my DT3 test database. These are indexed files, not imported. My scope is “All Databases”.

Example 1: jpg file named
I have searched for Shubert, “Shubert”, Shubert surrounded by asterisks, name:~Shubert, and filename:~Shubert. None of these returns this file.

Example 2: jpg files named IMG_nnnn.JPG
Searched for IMG, “IMG”, name:<IMG, and so forth, with no results.

What am I doing wrong? A Spotlight search for “Name is Shubert” or “Name is IMG” finds these files in the Finder.

A screenshot of the search would be useful. Maybe the currently selected search scope doesn’t include the desired items.



Simple tests using the same names were successful over here. Is it possible that these items are excluded from searching, see Info inspector?

No, they’re not excluded from anything.

Could you please export the “Test” database via File > Export > Database Archive… and send the archive to cgrunenberg - at - Then I could try to reproduce this.

Sent, with the subject line of this thread. Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for the database! The images have tags which are excluded from searching. However, excluding a group or tag from searching excludes also its children.

Ah, problem solved. Looks like I have some way to go before I master the nuances of DT3! Thanks for your help.