search by topic

I would like to be able to mark a section of text ( in a margin ) by a keyword or topic, if you will. As a long paper may refer to different things, which you could mark, it would then make it easier to search by topic rather than a keyword which sometimes gives you too much to weed through. This was a key factor that I was looking at before purchaing a thought organizer. there happened to be none, however, that had this feature. Is this possible now ? Or if nat maybe later ?


That’s a combination of features that many DEVONthink users (including me!) would like. :slight_smile:

You can, of course, edit notes/comments into text or RTF(D) documents. (Unfortunately, you can’t edit text in PDF+text documents, and it’s difficult to do that with HTML files). But that’s not what you are looking for, as you mentioned marks in a ‘margin’, that would not really modify the text of the document.

What you want is to be able to add metadata about the document (your note), and have it refer to a specific location in the document. Your note or mark would be searchable.

Right now, that’s not possible. Possibly, we’ll see something approximating this for PDF files under Tiger.

But a limited approximation of your wish can be done using the Comments field in a document’s Info panel.

The developers are interested in the potentials of adding metadata to DT contents. There are several ways in which this might be accomplished in future versions of DEVONthink.

Thanks Bill for the quick reply. Since it doesn’t seem possible to do now, I can a least stop trying, I’m new to DT so still doing a bit of experimenting. Hopefully it will be implemented as there are several areas where topical markers would really help me.
Again thanks for the info.