Search content of Tinderbox documents

It was possible to search a Tinderbox document in DevonThink until 2.0.7. Now the content of a tbx file is invisible to Devonthink.

Also it would be great if instead of the tbx app icon, we could see the xml code (or the actual text content through the ‘text alternative’ option).

The latest release didn’t change the “support” for Tinderbox. Is Tinderbox installed in /Applications? And which version of Tinderbox do you use, does a restart fix the problem?

As Tinderbox does not yet support Quick Look, please send send a request to the developer of Tinderbox as DEVONthink will automatically use this and as we don’t support third-party formats on our own. Thanks.

My request for the xml view of a Tinderbox file instead of just the application icon and the possibility of searching, described exact the situation in Devonthink Pro until a recent update (I think it was 2.08).
If it helps I want to mention that the Finder and some other third-party content management apps can fully search a Tinderbox file.
About Quick Look; I think the nature of the Tinderbox with its multiple views, makes the implementation of Quick look very difficult (the document must be prepared for the same view which the Quick Look is based on).
I use the last version of Tinderbox (5.8) and I tested an older version (5.53) just in case.

I’ve just installed Tinderbox and it does still not support Spotlight (or even Quick Look). The next release of DEVONthink will treat it just like XML.

Great news, Thank you very much!
One last thing. If DEVONthink treats the tinderbox files exactly like before, there was a bug. If I made any change of the XML code of the tinderbox file from the DEVONthing (even if I accidentally pressed a letter and then delete the letter - practical no change) then something changed to the tinderbox file and Tinderbox no longer could open it. My work-around was immediately after import a Tinderbox file to DEVONthink, I locked the file to prevent an accidental edit. I hope this will note happen in the new implementation (If it helps, this is not happening in EagleFiler were I can import a tinderbox file, make changes to the xml code and then open the file without any problem).

Thanks for the hint, I’ve just fixed this.