Search DT Pro database

Is it possible to use DevonAgent to search a DT Pro Database. If so, how do I set it up?

No, not at this time.

Of course, if one designed a hyperlinked database like the Tutorial database, in which one can arrive at any page via the starting “Welcome” page, that database could be exported as a Web site and searched using DEVONagent.

Thanks, Bill.


is this feature available in newer editions? In Evernote I can activate a browser plugin which shows me Evernote results besides Google results. I would like to use the same workflow in Devonthink which means to have a way to search in DTPO and the web simultaneously. The Devonthink database is available on the same machine and via the built in web server (so it should be possible for Devonagent to just query DT by using the built in web server in the same way it searches in other search engines).


There’s a plugin for DEVONthink Pro Office (see category “Browser”) but DEVONsphere Express supports also searching in both DEVONthink Pro and the web.

Criss: I’m getting a failure when using the DEVONthink plugin. Double-clicking on the rror reports “Couldn’t connect to server” on

I get this on each DEVONagent launch…

This is what’s logged after the first attempt at using the plugin…

DAP 3.5.1
DTPO 2.6.1
OS X 10.7.5

Ok, this seems to work, but I have to take a deeper look into Devonagent at home, where I have not only 20 entries in the database :wink:.

I would like to rank the results of DTPO higher than the results of alle other sources. Is this possible?

I’m still getting the same issue after a machine reboot. I will check on 10.8.4 later. Just an FYI.

Did you enable the web server of DT? I think DA depend on him.

Good call, Truhe! (And yes, I am still learning about some of the deeper features of DEVONagent, just like some of you. :smiley: ) Thanks for the fresh set of eyes.

Still getting the initial message on launch.

The updated Twitter plug-in requires Mac OS X 10.8 and 64-bit mode.