Search emails and attachments?

Hey there, having used DT for a while now, I was wondering why neither emails nor attachments can be searched? This really isn’t too helpful at all…

Searching emails is part of what you get with the Pro Office version, but even then attachments are not searched.

I really think it should be possible to search emails AND attachments in DT Pro. The reason why I didn’t go for Pro Office is that I’ve always been using Acrobat which is quicker and more reliable than the Abby FineReader (which is probably what the higher price originates from). Also, none of the other additional features seemed to be of any use to me. But being able to search email and attachments, in my opinion, is absolutely crucial, since one of the most useful DT features is the powerful search engine and DT claims to be ideal for archiving email.

Also, it would be great to have a conversation-style email option, like most email clients feature today :wink:


It isn’t currently possible to search attachments to emails, unless the attachments are independently captured as separate documents.

However, in a recent thread on this topic, Christian noted that searching email attachments is planned for a future version. There’s not yet a projected date.

I would think that, given the current feature set by edition, that this will be something that will be added only to Pro Office?

I very much hope not! I really hope this is gonna come to DT Pro soon :slight_smile: