search features for DT Pro: boolean search?

using DT Pro with a rapidly growing database, I wonder if (and when) a boolean search will be possible. This would really make DT Pro a PRO-application, in my eyes: Comparing your product with askSam, a possibility to search within multiple databases (or swap files between them) would be nice, too - not to mention a Spotlight-Plugin? So much for my christmas-wishlist…
DT already is worth every cent I paid; and I keep recommending your product!



Thanks for the recommendations.

Not by Christmas. But if you’ve kept track of Christian’s notes about DT Pro v. 2, you will be a happy user.

Where can one read these notes? I’m very interested in what v2 will bring us :slight_smile:

Some of his recent postings in this forum.

The forum is searchable, e.g. for “Christian”.