Search field options

In the search box, I like to have “live while typing” and “partial matches…” selected.
I find I am constantly having to re-select them on every time I open the app which is very annoying.
Is there some selection I can make to remember my choice - can’t seem to find anything in preferences. If not, that would be a feature I’d like to see incorporated.

You shouldn’t be needing to set this every time. DT remembers your settings (and I can confirm that happens for me - I set it once many months ago and haven’t changed it since). I can’t help you, but please can you post your OS and DT version as I’m guessing that’s the next question you’ll be asked!

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I’m using version 3.8.7, but an older Catalina 10.15.7
My selection stays for new searches, but when I quit the app, those selections turns off requiring me to reselect “live while typing” etc
(I use an older OS because I have some apps that won’t run on the newer versions such as Parallels)

I will check this on my Catalina Mac shortly.

Parallels the virtual OS app? Mine is running as far as I know, certainly it worked on Monterey. I’m not actually sure if I’ve used it since I updated to Ventura :thinking:

Just an update in case anyone else has the problem.

I bought a new Macbook Pro (Ventura 13.4) and did a fresh instal, except I replaced the “Devonthink 3” folder in Application support with the same folder from my old macbook (to keep my settings - mainly the many workspaces I had created).

Alas I had the same problem, had to re tick the search field options “live while typing” & “partial matches…” every time I restarted Devonthink.

I swapped back to the “Devonthink 3” file that was installed when I did the fresh instal & all worked as advertised. Obviously something in that original folder was causing the problem.

Just for reference on my old macbook I upgraded Devonthink 2 to 3 & then did all the 3 upgrades.