Search for a single word when searching/smart groups

Hey guys,

I usually take notes in .md with some metadata in yaml inside such as

tags: [Programming/Swift]
title: Swift UI Basics
created: '2020-01-06T19:14:29.573Z'
modified: '2020-01-07T08:43:10.548Z'

I would like to create a Smart Folder that ONLY searches for notes that has [Programming/Swift] inside. However DEVONThink search for everything: programming, prog, ming, swift, swi and it becomes a mess. I am not being able to organize my notes for this reason. How can I search/create smart folder for a SPECIFIC WORD?

I have being able to do that using Smart Folder from Finder but not Devonthink. I am sure I am missing something.

Thank you everyone!

Welcome @vitorj

Quote it and specify the prefix.

text: "programming/swift"


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Works like a charm for search, but when creating Smart Folder doesn’t work. Is there a way to apply the same principle to them?


The condition should be Content matches “programming/swift”

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That’s it! Thank you very much :slight_smile: