Search for a string with question mark

I have an email imported into DEVONthink with the name Cleaner Table Formatting when converting from Markdown to Latex?

When I try to search for “Cleaner Table Formatting when converting from Markdown to Latex?” (incl quotes) I get no result. When I remove the ? sign from the query I get as expected the email as results.

Why can’t I search for a fixed string (quoted search) for a string with a questionmark?

Only alphanumeric characters are indexed and ? is actually part of the wildcard syntax.

Thanks. But in double quotes? Don’t we have a literal match then?

If the phrase matches without the question mark, why does it matter?

Because then I have to think:

I have an email and I want to check whether I have put it into DEVON-think. So I copy its subject/name, paste it in quotes in the search field (I remember already, that I need the quotes) - and don’t find it.

It would be nice if when quoted I don’t need to think: “Are there characters which cannot go into a quoted search?”

You could very likely find a match by just searching for cleaner table formatting" latex.

Even quoted phrases support wildcards.

When you import an email into DT, it gets a unique ID that is identical to the message id. DT does not import the same email twice because of that id.


That’s indeed at the core of the issue…

Wow, cool to know. :slight_smile:

I guess I just have to keep this always in mind.

Thanks for the details!