Search for documents that contain highlights

It doesn’t appear to exist, but is there a way I could search (or make a Smart Group) for all documents that contain highlights? This way I could narrow down selections to documents that I have made highlights in.

I’m not talking about searching the content of highlights only (that would be nice though) but rather just show me a list of documents that contain highlights… any way to do this?


No, that’s not possible. However, there are scripts available in the Support Assistant to merge the highlights of selected (rich text) documents.

Thanks, Christian. My highlights are mostly in PDF documents so the scripts for RTF docs won’t work.

Let me put this as a feature request then, if it is technically possible this would be a great addition. I have thousands of documents, but only highlight a few things now and then. Being able to filter those out would be a big help.

It’s true. That would be handy!