Search for duplicates based on file name

Hi community! Is there any way I can automatically search for duplicate files based only on the file name? I want to find duplicates (which DT doesn’t recognize as such, eg because the 2 copies of the file were each OCRd with identical optical but differing actual results) based on the file name which I have provided.

ie a search which returns:

abc123 found in group 1
abc123 found in group 1
abc123 found in group 2

fgh567 foundin group 1
fgh567 foundin group 7


Thanks :slight_smile:

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So you’re trying to find multiple filename matches in one search?
If so, that would only be possible with wildcards, which would obviously only match a range of similar filenames.

Ok thanks; I can’t specify a file name to search for with a wildcard because they have no similarities (other than those which are identical). Effectively what I am looking for is a “show files which have the same name as another file”, without further specifying any details. Presumably there is no such function (I haven’t found one, but maybe somewhere, lurking in the depths…?)

Nope, no such built-in function other than a Kind is Any Document search/smart group, sorted on Name, and a visual inspection.

Ah well, in case I run out of things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon :wink: cheers Jim

My pleasure :slight_smile:

Is this a feature that could be added at some point? I have a lot of files like this.

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It’s not yet planned but we’ll consider this for future releases.


hello, Im trying to find duplicate files that have the same names, is this now available today?

Files having the same name aren’t necessarily duplicates.
Duplicates are detected based on content.
Stricter recognition also considers matches of file type and size.

Thanks for the Reply, how can I detect then for the same file names and have them show me where they are ?