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I’m attempting to search for emails that have an attachment, but I’m not sure what the syntax is for using the prefix. I’ve tried “attachments:true”, “attachments:yes”, and a few other things. When I used the Advanced search, I’m greeted with “Attachment [is, is not, is less than, is less than or equal to, etc.] =” What kind of response is it looking for?

It seems there’s no dedicated prefix for mail attachments (see Help > Appendix > Search Prefixes). There’s only md_attachments: The number of resources added to an RTFD file. which is no what you’re looking for.

You could combine kind and size, e.g. kind:email size>1 MB.

I don’t know what this “attachment” is referring to, but I assume that it means email.

No, it doesn’t. This is md_attachments as you can see in your search field.

Where do you see something that indicates that it’s md_attachments?

If you’re not sure what criteria reffers to you can set it, look what’s in the search field, then look it up in Help > Documentation > Appendix > Search Prefixes.

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This should be sufficient:

md_attachments>0 kind:email

See also

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@BLUEFROG please consider adding a word about “email” to the help’s explanation of md_attachments. Currently it’s not possible to tell from help that it can be used for email too, at least not for me.

md_attachments: The number of resources added to an RTFD file.

Yes, I will clarify the language for the next release.

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