Search for "Files without a TAG"

I want to give every File “Tags”, but

  • How can I Search for Files without a TAG ?
  • Is there a way to show the TAGs in the List view ?

Sorry for my bad english.

Karl-Heinz Schneider (Germany)

You can create a smart group for that.

The tags groups will appear in the list view-expand the group to show all the tags.

Great, it works !


I mean a other view -> in German “Spaltenansicht” or “Excel-View”, can I show there the tags in a column.


I think it’s “Column View” – sure, switch to column view, the Tags group will be in the first column, click Tags and the second column will list all the tags inside Tags. If you want the tags in the first column instead, then hoist the Tags group (double click it) and it will open in a new window.

An nice alternative for tag browsing is to hoist Tags, then use Split view with the widescreen option turned on and the “hide details” option turned on. This is nicer view than Tags view, in my opinion.

It is a nice view, but it is also important to recognize that multiple selections work differently in ‘normal’ views compared to the Tags view. Selecting TagA, TagB, and TagC in a normal view will show all documents with a minimum of one of the selected tags. Selecting TagA, TagB, and TagC in the Tags view will return only documents that have all 3 tags assigned.