Search for mails with attachments

Being a relative newbie to DTPO, I’ve searched the forum but haven’t found an answer:

In a database basically consisting of mail (.eml) messages, how can I find the ones with attachments (preferably through a search) ?

This has to be simple :blush: but I’m unable to figure out a solution…

Thanks for any pointers,


Not currently possible, and attachments within messages are not indexed for searching.

However, with Mail frontmost, check the Scripts menu. DEVONthink Pro Office includes a script that will separately add a selected message and its attachments to DEVONthink. Attachments added in this way will be indexed for searching.

Hello Bill,

I’ve gone through the scrips, but can’t find :unamused: one corresponding to the task you mentioned. Can you point me in the right direction ?


With Mail frontmost, check under the Scripts icon in the menubar.

You might need to activate DEVONthink > Install Add Ons… > Script Menu Extra > Applications Scripts to insure those scripts are installed for Mail’s scripts menu.

Thanks for the suggestions,

It seem that I misunderstood Bill, I was looking for scripts in DTPO & mail scripts folder :blush: , and not in the Apple scripts folder.

works like a dream !