Search for PDFs with a specific ending (alt+cmd+f)

I have a series of PDF files from mathematics course, which are named:
sheet02q.pdf and so on (q=questions, s=solutions)
before I got DTPO, I searched for q.pdf to get only the questions, which I could then open in ONE Preview window with cmd+o.
Now I’m very surprised and unhappy, that an expensive application like DTPO can’t even do one of these most simple actions. Of course I can use cmd+shift+o, but why can’t I, or how can I change this behaviour?
The most import problem for me is the search behaviour, where DTPO is really bad:
I search for sheet06s.pdf in the Finder and it gives me the same result as if I had searched for 06s.pdf. GREAT
Then I copy 06s.pdf to the DTPO search, and I get ‘no items found’. BAD
Only when I add ‘sheet’, so that I reads sheet06s.pdf, then I get the result.
The search field is on the All/Database setting.
How is this possible? To me, this seems like a major bug and I hope you will fix it soon, because it sucks…(sorry)
Another bug is, that when I get the ‘no items found’ message and I hit Enter, I can’t continue to modify my search entry without clicking on the search field (or alt+cmd+f). So after hitting Enter, when I continue to type, I get an Error Sound.
As this doesn’t happen in the cmd+shift+f window, where the search text remains highlighted after getting the ‘no items found’ message, it seems to be a bug. I hope this bug will be fixed too.
I’ve version 2.1.1

Thanks for helping

Kind regards from Munich,


Hi Luc

Try using the searches *s.pdf or *q.pdf.The * is informing the search that any characters before your s.pdf or q.pdf are valid.

Hope that helps