Search for PDFs with added text box

Does anyone know if I can search a database for PDFs that I’ve modified by adding a text box to them?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Can you clarify what the purpose of the search is? Is it to find PDFs that contain text box annotations (in other words, just flag which files contain the annotations, regardless of what’s inside the annotations), or search for text inside the text boxes, or something else?

Thanks, mhucka–I actually just figured it out. I wanted to find all PDFs to which I added any textbox, regardless of what it contained. This seems to do the trick.
Search for

  1. kind:PDF
  2. “PDF annotations” + “is not” (leave the search field after this empty)

And just to clarify for anyone…
The PDF Annotations is numeric, so using is greater than 0 makes that clear.