Search for presentations

I have added a number of sites to a search set. Now I would like to search for Keynote and Powerpoint presentations from those sites. How can I view only pages with presentations in DEVONagent search results?

DEVONagent doesn’t support presentations, neither viewing nor searching is possible.

In DEVONagent isn’t it possible to search for any file type stating its extension, such as .key or whatever?

This isn’t possible. In the end this would just return the results of search engines but not process or filter them in any way.

You could do an Express search with the Google plugin and use the search operators as you would in a normal Google search, but as Criss pointed out, it will return unfiltered results, so not necessarily useful.

If you set up a Search Set like so, you could get a list of results…

Note it is not using any Sites, only the Google plugin.

But again, you can’t view or search the results via DEVONagent. If you selected a URL from the results in a DEVONagent browser, you would only add items to the Download Manager, like this…