Search from within the markdown editor


Background: I have long Markdown documents and need to search them while editing

I have tried and searched for information on this subject to no avail; sorry if the question seems silly: can it be done from with the DT to go editor?

If not can you direct me to a third party compatible with DT: I found editorial to work but when I share from DT2go, Editorial seems to make a copy of the original.

Currently in-document searching is only available for PDF documents. Extending this to other formats is on our list of future improvements. Thanks for your patience and understanding.


If I may present two associated Markdown feature requests; both related to having long documents:

  • Both iOS/MacOS: When switching from “preview” to “source” mode, have DT remember the “approximate” cursor location so one can start editing right away.
  • MacOS: When in split Preview/Source mode, have DT keep both panels’ contents stay “somewhat” in sync. (i.e; if I scroll in “source”, then “Preview” tries to keep up - and viceversa)

I realize those can be tricky as DT would have to keep up with images and Macros ({{TOC}}).


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